October 6th, 2011

We just lost a great man

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So many people have said so many great things, in a far more eloquent way than I possibly can, but I can’t let this go by without commenting. I haven’t been “an Apple guy” for very long — I got my first Mac when the iPhone SDK first became available — but in just a few short years, I went from a .NET/Windows guy that owned a Mac to Obj-C/Mac guy that doesn’t have any Microsoft products in the house at all, and it’s all due to the incredible vision and leadership of Steve Jobs. He stepped in when Apple was on the verge of folding, and turned it into the most valuable tech company on the planet. And, he did it in a way that made people love him, not hate him. What an incredible man. I’m very sad that we lost this genius yesterday.

Thankfully, everyone at Apple shares their enthusiasm for Steve’s vision, and it’s part of the company culture to keep producing the same top notch, innovative, and just insanely great products they produced under Steve. I have no question that, even with Steve gone, Apple will continue on as a very strong company that I will be proud to be associated with in my own little way.

Steve, I never met you, but you had a huge impact on this part of my life. You’ve given me a new phase to my career, where I’m having so much damn fun, and riding this new technology wave, playing with the toys you’ve given us. I can’t thank you enough.

Rest in peace.

May 27th, 2011

Custom UINavigationBar, part 1

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A very common thing people want to do when writing the next killer app for the iPhone is to customize the look of a UINavigationBar. The standard blue and black are sufficient for run-of-the-mill apps, but a killer app simply needs more “pop”, right? There are several approaches to doing this, so let’s look at a few.


May 27th, 2011

Long time away

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Greetings, Cocoa-heads. I’ve been away a while, working on several different projects for BigSprocket, a few of which haven’t even been Cocoa related. As a result, I’ve been neglecting my posting duties here. Before I got distracted by “real work”, I had started several blog entries and various iOS topics, that it’s time to dust off and post.

Anyone wishing to contribute to LetsTalkCocoa.com is encouraged to read this page about the benefits of doing so. In addition to helping your fellow programmers, you can make a little cash, and get more exposure for your own apps.

Anyway … on with the show. Starting with how to customize UINavigationBar.

April 15th, 2011

Cocoa Week in Review (15 April 2011)

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New iOS updates released: v4.3.2 for iPads, iPods, and AT&T phones. Verizon iPhones get v4.2.7. Simply connect your device to iTunes.

In tandem with the iOS update, XCode 4.0.2 is released. In addition to supporting the new iOS release, it fixes a few bugs, including an important one with the LLVM compiler.

When I first got my iOS devices, I downloaded everything under the sun. I’ve slowed down quite a bit, and rarely download anything that wasn’t written by a friend. But, when notable apps arrive, I grab them. This week, two popped up on my radar:

  • Tweetbot by TapBots. Beautiful Twitter app, with some very useful gestures. Well worth the $2. Don’t mistakenly by the other, similarly named app!
  • Prompt by Panic is an SSH client for iPhone/iPad (universal). Some say iPhone/iPad apps should do one thing ridiculously well. Check.


April 29th, 2010

Let’s Write Some Code!

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Hey, welcome to Let’s Talk Cocoa, formerly Let’s Talk iPhone. Why’d we change? Glad you asked!

The incredible popularity of the iPhone has caused tremendous interest in writing code for the platform (Cocoa Touch). As a side-effect, it has also cause more people to be interested in writing for the Mac (Cocoa). The old name — specifying iPhone — felt too limiting. We want to learn about Cocoa in general, and explore the Mac, and we figure many other people do too. So, here we are.

We need more authors! Cocoa is gigantic! No one can know it all, and we can’t explore the whole thing with just a few people … we we’re looking for authors to write about, well, just about anything having to do with Cocoa and developing/releasing apps for the Apple family of products.

January 27th, 2010

The iPad … version 0.5?

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Well, everyone got their first look at the iPad today, and the download-and-read-the-sdk-documents frenzy has begun. I have to say, while I will be in line to get one on release day, I think I’ll just be buying the cheapest version there is. Why? Because there has to be version 2 coming out pretty soon.

It seems like there’s some stuff missing on this device that just has to be around the corner. A webcam, for instance. Or, how about an SD port to expand storage? Maybe a USB port or two?

At BigSprocket, I make my money consulting for companies that want iPhone apps … so whether I get to dig deeply into iPad development or not will be dictated by my clients and their needs. Nights and weekends, I plan to develop a couple of ideas that are already brewing. If you have an idea for something you’d like to bring to the iPad, please drop me a line … I’m available to work with you.

January 27th, 2010

Sprocket Clock now available

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icon.pngI’m a little late announcing this, and it’s going to be overshadowed by some other important news, but the latest freebie from BigSprocket is out … Sprocket Clock is a simple, sexy, customizable clock for your desk or bedside table. I wasn’t happy with what was out there, so I wrote this. Hope you like it. Free in the iTunes App Store.

December 31st, 2009

BarTint Now Available

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BarTinticon.png, a tool that helps iPhone Developers and Designers visualize what a particular color tint value will look like when applied to navbars, toolbars, and segmented controls, is now available in the iTunes App Store. It’s free, and darn useful. Check out the product description on BigSprocket.com.

December 31st, 2009

Applying Tint to Bars

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Looking at the screenshots of a lot of apps flowing through the App Store, it seems that less than half of developers have noticed this … when you have a “bar” element on your form, be it a UINavigationBar, UIToolBar, UISegmentedControl, or even (with a little extra work) UITabBar, you’re not stuck with the stock Apple colors of either Blue or Black. Applying a custom color can give your app a little extra “pop”. More

December 10th, 2009

Count Keeper Now Available

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appicon_334974821.pngBigSprocket is pleased to announce the availability of Count Keeper, our app for keeping the count and score at baseball, softball, or even kickball games. It has several themes, based on Fenway Park’s Green Monster, Wrigley Field’s iconic scoreboard, and even the Star Trek LCARS interface.

More info on BigSprocket.com, or get it at the app store for $0.99.