April 29th, 2010

Let’s Write Some Code!

Announcements, by admin.

Hey, welcome to Let’s Talk Cocoa, formerly Let’s Talk iPhone. Why’d we change? Glad you asked!

The incredible popularity of the iPhone has caused tremendous interest in writing code for the platform (Cocoa Touch). As a side-effect, it has also cause more people to be interested in writing for the Mac (Cocoa). The old name — specifying iPhone — felt too limiting. We want to learn about Cocoa in general, and explore the Mac, and we figure many other people do too. So, here we are.

We need more authors! Cocoa is gigantic! No one can know it all, and we can’t explore the whole thing with just a few people … we we’re looking for authors to write about, well, just about anything having to do with Cocoa and developing/releasing apps for the Apple family of products.

Mac guys, please join us. Veteran iPhone guys, we need you. Just learning iPhone now? We need you too — tell us about your journey. Do business development or marketing for an app shop? We really need you, because we’re developers, not business people, and we can really use the help.

Bottom line, if you’ve got some knowledge to share about the app business, please join us. Here is what’s in it for you.

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