April 15th, 2011

Cocoa Week in Review (15 April 2011)

iPad, iPhone, Mac, by BigSprocket.

New iOS updates released: v4.3.2 for iPads, iPods, and AT&T phones. Verizon iPhones get v4.2.7. Simply connect your device to iTunes.

In tandem with the iOS update, XCode 4.0.2 is released. In addition to supporting the new iOS release, it fixes a few bugs, including an important one with the LLVM compiler.

When I first got my iOS devices, I downloaded everything under the sun. I’ve slowed down quite a bit, and rarely download anything that wasn’t written by a friend. But, when notable apps arrive, I grab them. This week, two popped up on my radar:

  • Tweetbot by TapBots. Beautiful Twitter app, with some very useful gestures. Well worth the $2. Don’t mistakenly by the other, similarly named app!
  • Prompt by Panic is an SSH client for iPhone/iPad (universal). Some say iPhone/iPad apps should do one thing ridiculously well. Check.


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