October 6th, 2011

We just lost a great man

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So many people have said so many great things, in a far more eloquent way than I possibly can, but I can’t let this go by without commenting. I haven’t been “an Apple guy” for very long — I got my first Mac when the iPhone SDK first became available — but in just a few short years, I went from a .NET/Windows guy that owned a Mac to Obj-C/Mac guy that doesn’t have any Microsoft products in the house at all, and it’s all due to the incredible vision and leadership of Steve Jobs. He stepped in when Apple was on the verge of folding, and turned it into the most valuable tech company on the planet. And, he did it in a way that made people love him, not hate him. What an incredible man. I’m very sad that we lost this genius yesterday.

Thankfully, everyone at Apple shares their enthusiasm for Steve’s vision, and it’s part of the company culture to keep producing the same top notch, innovative, and just insanely great products they produced under Steve. I have no question that, even with Steve gone, Apple will continue on as a very strong company that I will be proud to be associated with in my own little way.

Steve, I never met you, but you had a huge impact on this part of my life. You’ve given me a new phase to my career, where I’m having so much damn fun, and riding this new technology wave, playing with the toys you’ve given us. I can’t thank you enough.

Rest in peace.

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