Let’s Talk Cocoa is focused on developing applications using the Cocoa SDK. This includes Cocoa for Mac, and Cocoa Touch for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Our goal is to bring you the information you need when you’ve got a problem cracking open this enormously powerful, yet sometimes daunting SDK. We’ll do this by bringing an ever-expanding group of developers here to blog about problems and solutions in Cocoa.

Please join the conversation!  We’d love to have you blogging here, no matter your experience level. What sets us apart from other community sites is that our bloggers earn revenue by posting here, because our bloggers get to run their own ads!  And, if you’re a developer with shipping apps, we showcase them on each and every page.  The more bloggers we have, the more eyeballs looking at those apps and ads, boosting the revenue potential for all.  For more on how this works, see blog here, get paid.