Blog Here, Get Paid.

Ever since Apple lifted the NDA on the iPhone SDK, various blogs and forums have sprung up where people share their knowledge of the platform.  This has been a great boon for the developer, as answers to common questions, code to solve problems, and conversation with people who have “been there, done that”, have been readily available.

Two different kinds of sites have popped up.  Large communities with lots of people answering questions, and small independent blogs where people share what they’ve learned through short articles or tutorials.  Both sites run ads.  The little indie guys generate a tiny amount of revenue, but probably not much. There just isn’t enough content there to generate the traffic they need to justify the time/cost/effort of creating and maintaining the site.

The big community sites DO generate traffic. And, who gets that money? The site operator. The people offering up answers to questions and providing all the content on those sites aren’t getting anything at all, other than thanks and recognition (which is nice, but hey, money is nicer).  The experts are generating ad revenue for the site maintainers and getting little or nothing for it.

We are different.

Your knowledge is valuable. By putting it on the web, someone will profit from it … shouldn’t it be you? This site is where you, the Cocoa developer can share your knowledge, just like the others. But, in return, you get increased app sales and ad revenue. Here’s how…

On every page, there is a prominent section of the sidebar displaying applications  that were written by our bloggers.  These are direct links to the apps in the iTunes store (for iPhone/iPad) or the product download site (Mac). As an author here, your app enters that rotation; every site visitor sees the app and becomes a potential buyer.  As the site grows, the number of people seeing your app grows.  On pages that display multiple posts (the home page, archive pages, search results, etc), a random selection of 5 apps is shown.

But there are pages specific to you … one of your blog posts, your author page, or a search that turns up only posts you wrote, etc. There are “your” pages.  On your pages, the box changes slightly … it becomes “Apps By This Author”. Now, it showcases your specific apps, and only your apps.

In addition, on your pages, ads displayed in the sidebar will be your ads.  You get the revenue. So, when people land on your pages, you get paid.  The more content the site has, the more likely someone will see one of your pages, the more you’ll get paid.  The more content you write, the more often they’ll be reading your page, the more you get paid. It couldn’t be simpler than that.

“But wait there’s more” …

When you submit an iPhone/iPad application to the App Store, Apple requires that you have URLs for a “company webpage” and a “product webpage”.  If you’re an indie developer on a budget just starting out, rather than deal with the time and expense of setting up a domain for that, will host those two pages for you as an added benefit of being a frequent author here.  And, once again, those are “your” pages, so the app showcase and the ads will be yours.

Looking to the future…

As we continue to grow, you’ll be getting more and more exposure to your apps and ads.  The only thing we ask of you is that you keep blogging.  Traffic to your individual pages will be largely the result of your blog entries. The more you say, the more exposure you’ll get.  And, the more you’ll be helping other developers get their problems solved, further growing the community.  Community growth is our goal; generating the revenue for you is the means to it.

Ready to begin? Start here.