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We went a long time without updates to Cocoa programming books, but all of a sudden the incredible popularity of apps on the iPhone platform changed all that. There are a ton of great books on Cocoa and Objective-C that have hit the shelves recently. Here are some of the best.

Getting started

  • Programming in Objective-C 2.0
    Objective-C is the language you need to use if you intend to write native apps for iPhone. It’s also the language Cocoa itself is written in, so it’s the preferred language for writing Mac desktop apps.
  • Learn Objective–C on the Mac
    From the excellent Learn series, this book gently guides you through the process of learning Objective-C
  • Learn C on the Mac
    Since Objective-C is a superset of C, it helps to learn C along the way if you don’t know it already.
  • Learn Cocoa on the Mac
    Aspiring Mac developers get some love with this book. iPhone developers will benefit too, since many of the topic covered are included in Cocoa Touch
  • Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK
    If you plan to write iPhone apps, there are a few books you simply need. This is one of them.

Intermediate Cocoa Topics

  • Core Data
    Marcus Zarra shows you the framework for persisting data on the Mac or iPhone
  • Core Animation
    Marcus Zarra on the magic behind every “gee whiz” feature you see on the iPhone (and now Mac) UI
  • Core Animation
    Bill Dudney also has an excellent book on Core Animation



Advanced Topics

New books pop up seemingly every day. As we read them, if they really shine, we’ll put them here.

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